Images - Only if you want to see

I am not and don't declare myself to be a reader of radiology images but I have now and again shown bits of my lung.

If I am wrong I apologise but I think I have picked up on what I want to demonstrate here.

My lump, looking back over was actually under the surface in January, which was before my cryo in March.  So I guess it wasn't caused by the needle going into the chest region.  That is if I have the right image.
This was taken in January 2011, and as you can see the little ball is already there.
And here again in November, although attaching itself a little more to my muscles.

These images are of something different.  This is further down where one the nodules was cryo'd in March.  This image is from January 11 before I had it done.
And now its what is described as a fatty tissue.  The size and shape has certainly changed and I have to believe it worked.
This is November 2011's recent scan.  The top arrow (I believe) is my air and fluid gathering, and as you can see I have three nice nodules indicated by my arrows.  There are 3 others that I can see just poking out but there again they could be abnormal tissue.  I just hope these are one off tumours, these are situated at the top of my lung, there are several further down.
Looking at my full on picture, looks like my heart just about lives in the left!  Not a pretty picture but still here and most importantly still breathing.

This is meso removed from my lung back in 2009.  I will probably get hung, drawn and quartered for publishing this.  When I was looking back over a couple of my scans I just looked like I had thickening and it didn't look like a lot.  I am still unsure as to whether I had the operation too soon but hindsight is a wonderful thing, it could be said that I had it far to late, hence the regrowth I am now having to deal with.
I thought I would now add this, this is September 2013 when my abdomen filled with fluid, see how much has been pushed up.  Even the lung on the right has now been comprised.  My lung on the left has very little space left.