Thursday, 13 September 2012

Quick post

The cruise has been an eye opener for me into how hubby really feels, he has hidden away his own feelings wanting each day to be the same as the last so when I finally lose this battle for life he will have deprived himself of memories.

This posting will be short due to the terrible connections we have on board ship!

I have always said it is hard and being the sufferer we stay strong for our partners, they too are trying to stay strong for us but we should discuss this not both ignore the pains that hurt.

The heat has been wonderful but the meso is growing, I can feel the changes with each day that passes, my big fear is the chemo and how my poor stomach will deal with being turned into mush again, I have enough acid in there already, probably could dissolve a body if they drained me and used it!

The ship has landed at Italy, after over 7 days of red hot weather we have hit thunder and lightening, we have one full day tomorrow and it's over.  I wouldn't say the cruise has been restful, the total opposite, but I have enjoyed it.  Typical though, where we are today is beautiful and flat, the first place we could have walked for miles, but weather will not allow!

To everyone facing news, scans and treatment I wish you all well.  Special thoughts to Helen and Lou.

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