Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Guest Writer - Ben Leer

On the internet today there are so many sites to choose from to discover information on Mesothelioma.  Over the last couple of weeks I have swapped doing my blog and asked people who work for these organisations to write and tell us why they think their work is important and their goal in helping us.  Today is Ben Leer's story, he works for Asbestos.Com, who have just revamped their website, I think its the first time in over 5 years, I must say I like the new format, easier to find what you are looking for.

Fighting the Good Fight
Nowadays, most people hear about asbestos and mesothelioma from TV commercials. Some of us might even know someone that has been exposed to asbestos or someone diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer. But few truly understand the dangers and that there is a much larger picture that spans back decades that can easily be forgotten or ignored.
When you begin to look into the history of asbestos you find out how it was used in everyday life. At first it seemed like it was a miracle material. Used to fireproof homes and equipment among other products, but then it became misused. It took years but at some point there was a consensus that asbestos was harmful.
Yet companies did not stop making products that contained asbestos, and it was mostly at the workers expense. Many times it was even at the workers families’ expense through second-hand exposure.
When you grow up you learn core values. These values shape how you make decisions down the road. They shape how you conduct yourself in conversation and business. So, what were those companies thinking? Where were their values? When did they find out? Why didn’t they stop?
It turned out to be a numbers game. Profits compared to losses. The companies ended up running people, instead of people running the companies.
When I came to the Mesothelioma Center at their goal was clear. It was our job to provide the best resources for those affected by mesothelioma cancer. Whether someone needed information on treatment, help with finding a doctor or a community to connect with. We are able to help a large range of people diagnosed with mesothelioma.
By far one of my favorite moments was finding Jan’s Journey. It was a touching blog. I spent some time reading it and I knew I had to share what she had to say. That is where the Wall of Hope began. We made an initiative to hear what the community had to say to inspire each other.
Our community kept growing and more people come to us for help with mesothelioma, especially veterans. They have been hit hard by the destruction of asbestos. Unfortunately, every single branch of the military used it so their exposure rates have been high. We are proud to help those who fought for our great nation.
Many people come to us, not just veterans, because they need answers. There is no stone left unturned in our journey to get those answers for them.
There was a great injustice done by the companies that lied and we wanted to bring honesty to those who have been deceived. At the Mesothelioma Center we can help those affected by mesothelioma and give them the help they need, and the care they deserve.

Thanks Ben, the Wall of Hope is important to everyone.  If you have a story that could help someone else please submit it, because Mesothelioma doesn't seem to be textbook the more stories out there the more likely yours could help one person.

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