Sunday, 3 February 2013

Memories ...

After a slow start and posting Claire's article (below) I took Mavis' advice and spent some time doing something different.  I am in the middle of starting to look back through our time together and decided to try and copy the old (and I mean old) video tapes onto DVD's.  The Camcorder doesn't link to the computer so I hooked it up to a video recorder which I connected to the TV.  I then connected a DVD recorder\HDD player to the video and set play and record. 
We had so much laughter reliving our honeymoon.  The rivers we had swam in that were infested with all sorts, the lovely couple from Holland we met and spent 6 wonderful days in their company.  We had forgotten more than we could remember.  Needless to say the first DVD didn't record so I changed the plugs around and connected the recorder to both the TV and Video.  We sat back and laughed as the second tape played, so many good times unravelling in front of us and the interviews we did to each other about our honeymoon were so funny. 
On one tape, (believe it or not I didn't even write on the covers to say which day or where!) our last day we were sat in the bar from 2 pm to 7pm, gosh I was surprised how much I used to drink, there again it was our holidays! 
Even after thinking I had mastered what cables went where the second tape didn't record either, well that's not true they have written to the disk, just neither will play on the computer or the dvd player arhhhhh.  Frustration is not a word I wanted to use today.  I had already gone to Tesco this morning to buy to memory sticks for my new camcorder as I thought I would do the same as last time, input the TV onto the camcorder.....but no sony have changed the way the camcorders work.  I didn't buy any of the new modern tapes for my older camcorder, which does work by hooking it to the TV and playing the video.  So I have 8 large tapes that I can't record and I am frustrated.

Although a slow start this morning I have decided to try staying at the higher intake of morphine, lifting it by 30 each time to 170 mg for morning and night, I must admit I do feel better today but then it could just be a session and I am masking it!  I never know which way to play this meso game, and as we all know, we never win.

The dogs didn't get out to the woods today, Lexi has finally stopped giving off the 'make babies' scent and Bear isn't as interested, at least the Elvis hips have stopped.  Now he is overtired.  He wandered up to me and gave me those big eyes, I gave him one of those scratches under his chin and he seemed to appreciate it.   I fear he is feeling a little unloved!

So my day has been good but not productive, the pain has been in the background, which has been a blessing, (all those prayers that have gone out for me have worked) and Sunday dinner is resting nicely inside my tummy.  I hope you all have had an equally enjoyable day.

Just wish I wasn't at work tomorrow, I guess this reliving the tapes will become a Sunday job.

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