Sunday, 24 February 2013

Can't decide what to do

Ok we had snow yesterday, quite a heavy down fall, today we had more, but not as much so I took the opportunity and went with hubby and dogs off to the fields.  We just got part way down when the snow and wind picked up but I wasn't going back, oh no I was out for a walk and walk I was having.
Bear thought he could knock me over while we were having our photo taken, believe it or not but it was snowing when this was taken but I guess the woods were sheltering us.
Since returning we have finished the Sunday Times Crossword, a feat in itself, and now hubby is up the shed making an Owl Box and I just don't know what to do with myself.  I pulled up the video program but I just can't get into doing any editing of our honeymoon, yes still stuck on those tapes, my computer monitor driver keeps crashing while doing it, so I am getting a tad annoyed with it all.
Blogger has developed some sort of problem, God knows what and keeps freezing, I think I have either over worked my black box or the whole cyber space thing is having a bad time!
The ironing is waiting for me, I have work for work to do which is spread across part of my desk here at home, my book to sort, although waiting for the cover I could be getting the bookmarks for chapters sorted but I just don't understand the directions on publishing it!  I could do a slide show of the photo's I have taken off the video, I could even go and help hubby cut his wood and screw sides together but I'm just not in the mood.
I have another guest blogger writing an article for the blog, she is a long term survivor of breast cancer and has a quirky way of writing and of course doing fact finding on staying ahead of cancer.  Although breast isn't anything like ours I hope you find her story interesting.
Debbie is still in hospital with her infection, Tess is getting ready to battle with chemo once again, Steve has finished and still on the body is fighting to feel Normal again, Mavis and I are still inactive stable, well I hope we are!  So why am I in this mood, my meds went in on time (sometimes taking them late can affect my mood) maybe my body is calling for one of those days on the sofa, but to be fair every night from 8pm I am usually sat on the sofa watching whatever is on TV.  The nights are quite boring because I seem to finish on the computer then its just sitting, but maybe today I need that, who knows.

I need some stimulation to get me into gear, maybe a new project but one that doesn't have me sat in front of the computer.  I was asked by someone who has read my book when I'm giving her the next one, heavens am I ready to start with the next one?  Actually I have started it but I can't get back into it!  I have set a wager with a fellow blogger that we will write together as we both want to write books - I need to get into gear to keep up my end of the bargain.  I feel that I have so much going on but then not enough, maybe I am bored I don't know!  Ever feel you start things but never finish them?

As for my meso circle, I have to say all is quiet, that means everyone I know is hopefully doing well and staying stable.  I did hear from Bud the other day, Chrissi has had cryoablation on some of her tumours and I believe is starting some form of chemotherapy.  I hope it works for her as the news it returned so soon after surgery was a big shock.  My thoughts, as always, are with anyone who is fighting this terrible cancer.

On another note, I passed my healing assessment, which means I can practise healing in the SNU churches.  I am so pleased because it was a goal that I had set after surgery. 

Well on that note I guess I should close, I hope you did something enjoyable today and something that you really wanted to do.  Me, I can hear that sofa calling my name.


Diva636 said...

Hi Jan, I've just found your blog and wanted to let you know it is really helpful and an inspiration to read. Is there any way I could email you to ask a few questions?

Jan said...

Diva you can email me at