Friday, 15 February 2013

What a Life

Due to the cold and the snow I have mainly worked at home this week, today will be no expection.  Actually I have achieved quite a lot and year end for one company is well on the way.  The only day I had to go out, believe it or not, was Wednesday when it was snowing and blustering like a proper December's winter day.

Occasionally, and I do mean occasionally, I have written on another blog Spiritually Jan as well as here, about healing and my thoughts regarding life after death.  On and off throughout my life I have attended the local spiritualist Church, I hadn't been for quite a lot of years when in 08, with nothing looking bright for me, hubby said (who isn't a believer in anything) why not go back and have healing.  So in 08 I returned to the Spiritualist Church and started having healing.  I try and go once a week, sometimes I will miss but throughout the last 5 years I have attended regularly.  After my successful operation I also decided to try my hand at becoming a channel for healing and on Wednesday I finally sat my assessment to represent the SNU as a healer. 
I can't say whether it has had a helping hand in keeping me alive because we can't live two lives at the same time, ie me without healing, vs me with healing, likewise with the treatments we have had, we never know for sure what has helped or what hasn't if we try two things together.
For those who would like to know more about healing it's a really simple process, you don't have to believe in anything, be nosey and have a visit and experience it for yourself.  Find your local Spiritualist church and look up the Healing Service.  You don't pay but a donation would be nice, even just 25p is welcome.  The aim is that your own spirit is helped to work from the inside out while medicine works from the outside in.  A Healer (Channel for the energy) places their hands on your shoulders or back and for 5 to 10 minutes you feel this wonderful heat pass into your body, its like having a little hot water bottle.  Sometimes you get cold coming through, usually I get cold and I hate the cold!
Hubby has got up and took off early this morning with his photography friend, looking for some rare bird that has flown in by accident, heaven at last the house to myself for 8 hours.  This project I have started for our life together is going to take some work, but I get bored of doing the same thing so hence in between scanning I start doing slideshows only to find I have to alter them again because I've come across a photo out of sync  -  then there's the learning how to use a new program, all the bits that make things work together and turn it from a boring picture show to something entertaining, finding music to match blar blar! - I'm starting to wish I hadn't started. 
Then yesterday I was drawing our house on the design program, he said "If you think you are changing something - think again" Oh he knows me too well!
Yesterday many of us sent Valentines to Mavis's Hubby, he is so sweet so I bet he was overcome when quite a lot of cards were handed to him - I hope Mavis put a stern face on when handing them over as if to say "Ray what have you been up to".  I received a beautiful display of Roses and Lily's, it was our 18th Valentines together.  We had Champagne with Salmon, no wonder my heads a little fuzzy this morning.
On that note I had better do some work and hope you all have a good day.

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