Friday, 22 February 2013

The problems with a False Diaphragm

My appointment arrived to see the Stomach Specialist Dr V so last night with anticipation we went to see him for the final results and debate about my bile problem.  I had emailed a doctor friend for his opinion too.
Our Chest space is known as negative whereas below our diaphragm is known as positive, the job of the diaphragm is keeping the two areas separate as the positive is always looking for weakness in the negative and my diaphragm is weak.  The stomach has pushed up in between the gap of the two sides and a good 2 inches of my stomach now resides in my chest area.
Under normal circumstances this would be repaired, its a type of hernia, with another piece of membrane fixed over the weakened area and the stomach gently brought back down to its correct position, but I'm not normal. 
To operate he would need to go above the diaphragm to repair it, my meso area.  To pull the stomach back down could result in disturbing the meso cells and spreading it down into the abdomen.  It just isn't my luck is it, Quality of Life is important and this blights mine everyday.
My only concern now is if the stomach is higher and in the meso zone then can the meso attack the lining around my stomach anyway?
I always remember hoping I didn't lose my diaphragm during surgery and asked John how would I know if it had gone, he told me I would have a tube going down my nose into the stomach.  The first thing I did when I woke up was felt the tube and I cried, why I don't know I knew I didn't want the diaphragm out but I didn't understand why.  Although keeping it wasn't an option or saving it would have been a waste of time as it was covered both sides with mesothelioma.
I doubt I am the only person who suffers from this as many have now undergone surgery and surely many have also lost this membrane.  So if you are one of those people and suffer how do you cope?  I have lifted the bed again another 2 inches in the hope that gravity works in my favour but to be honest having all the bile just resting in your stomach isn't pleasant either, but which is the best an even coating from bowel to throat or sitting like a dead weight in the pit of your stomach.
On that note I had better pick up my things and get to work, another long day ahead but an appointment with the hairdresser late this afternoon, I must admit I need it, I can hardly see through my fringe!

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