Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mesothelioma and life

I heard today that another brave person has lost her life to this cancer.  When you think you are safe and have recovered from treatment it seems to come and bite you in the arse.  It seems the routine is treatment, recovery, treatment, recovery.  Some people are lucky and aren't affected by it for years yet others it just doesn't want to give up.

 I have tried my hardest not to think about my friend this week, I thought I had actually put a few lbs on as well only to be so disappointed when hubby brought the scales into the bathroom this morning and I stood on them.  Instead I have lost another 2 lbs.  I was sure I had hit the 9 stone mark or is it because I have finally bought some jeans that actually fit!

All in all I do feel better, I have tried to ignore the morning body blues and pushed myself into spuring myself on.  It seems that if you don't think about the cancer someone else always brings it up.  How can we escape from the knowledge that we have it when others keep asking you.  Iknow I said I felt like hiding my head in the sand and I still feel like that.  I don't need to arrange my scan till June and then I guess I have the soul searching to do.  I can only hope and pray that those pin heads are stable and the new nodes in the right lung aren't dangerous. 

Dr Abtin not only has a fan with me but also with Linda who has just lost her sister.  Wish we could get him here and do the business.  Much like Debbie wishes she could get Prof Vogl to do his work here.  Strange but after everything I have been through I don't think I could have someone feed a tube up my main vein from the groin to my lung.  I also heard from Cher, she is flying out from Oz to Germany again, staying 6 days to get one treatment.  The guts that lady has flying that distance for treatment is outstanding, I think for miles travelled Cher must win hands down.  All we can do is hope and pray that it works and keeps on working for her.

Debbie is also having to revisit the route of Prof Vogl and I would ask you to visit her blog - support is an amazing thing.

I have finally downloaded my camera and here is a picture of Helen and I having lunch in LA, Helen looks so well I am so jealous.

Looking forward to seeing them in May when they come to Sunderland for Take That.

Time to log off, dinner is out and yorkshires are getting cold.


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