Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Rocky Roads

It is hard when you don't have all the answers or your unable to offer any advice that could help someone else. Unfortunately that's life, all we can do at the end of the day is pass on what we know and hopefully that little piece of info can help someone out there. I have managed to work out how to use abit more of the blog and have posted the two sites that you should find extremely helpful. Mick Knighton's site was there for me in 2005 and has come a long way since then, is a relatively new site where professionals are contributing to articles etc. Similar to what I keep saying about a site that holds all.

Maybe we should get the authors of this site to create an invisible database where all us meso sufferers record all our info so someone out there can work through it and see what common elements run through it. IE people aged 60 to 64 on Alimta bought ex amount of time, the removal of lining etc bought ex amount of time. if we all entered our own info then the budget would only have to fund working it out. Just a thought.

I am doing another interview on Monday morning so hopefully cryo-ablation will go nationwide.

I know I was at work quite a bit last week but this week I've hardly done anything, I guess this is what your suppose to expect the good days and the bad, I don't feel poorly just tired and of course I'm still numb but still have spasms! Unless you've been here maybe you'll never understand and maybe there are a few out there that went through this and still have different pains to me. Each to their own. On that note I am going to help hubby make some tea.

I have my heart checked out tomorrow, hope they can find it!

Remember chin up and Axe the China Man.....

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