Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Week 9 and a half

Hubby is busy making tea so thought it a wise time just to add a few words to the blog. I'll do anything these days to get out of cooking! I was speaking to another meso acquaintance today and I would love him to write his experience of his operation so that you guys out there have some form of comparison. I know its not the easiest thing in the world to do but it helps.

My mate Lorraine said to me yesterday she'd wished she had me make a video diary, I wish I'd thought of it and done it, at least when I was down I could replay and see how much further I have come on.

Today I was up at 8.00 I had planned to get loads done from home today as I have a couple of year ends to finish (well start and finish if the truth be known) and these are things I can get done at home. Instead I ended up on the phone for a nearly an hour and that hour turned out to be one of the best spent this year so thanks CB for that. He gave me things to watch out for after the operation and I can't believe how far I've come after speaking with him. It also made a nice change me gaining someone else's advice.

Still taking the Iron Tablets, I am hoping that these won't last too much longer now as I am taking antibiotics three times a day too, I told you if I was turned upside down I'd shake. I also sent an email to my surgeon asking if week 10 holds any nasty experiences so far he hasn't come back so I take that as a no and I should fly through next week.

I missed my healing today because I have this chest infection I didn't want the ladies to come round and catch anything, no doubt they will have sent absent healing this afternoon. Whether it works or not there's nothing wrong in hoping it does and accepting it. Again its all apart of positive thinking.

I have done another telephone interview for the Sun health pages, what on your asking, well what do you think, yes that's right Meso, Cryo and Operation. Those words just roll off your tongue. CB agrees that Cryo should be brought to our shores, we have the equipment just need the training. He's in the same situation for the future as I am, once this cancer starts sprouting it will be cryo-ablated straight away, hence keeping any new cancer at bay.

Sorry have just been distracted a friend of the family has been battling breast cancer for 4 years and (without her I would never of thought of RDA) sounds like the cancer has found some new breeding ground. Why does this have to happen.

After my shower I noticed some swelling on the ribs, has anyone out there experienced the same around this time after the operation. If so can you please drop me a line just so that I know I am not alone.

On that note I can smell the yorkshire pudds getting ready to serve, yes he's burnt his fingers on the tray. Have a good night

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