Saturday, 8 August 2009

CT Scan

It was that time to see what's happening inside. On Friday I went for the Ct and after the scan found myself lying there for quite a while. I thought there might be a problem with the fluid in the chest cavity but was surprised to have the Doc come in and see me. It was the false diaphragm he wasn't sure about, also the heart sac. It felt quite good to be the first patient he has ever had under the scanner with false internal bits!

Afterwards went to see the Specialist Lung Cancer Nurse and we had a quick preview of the scan. The right lung is perfect, I was a little worried in case my old friend thought about shifting sides! Hubby seemed to check out the left more, it was only a quick preview, but the air leak still hasn't gone and my lung looked like a prune in comparison to the white space and the air pocket.

Looks like no flying this year ... I was so hoping it would go as I really would like to sit in the sun and know its not going to cloud over and rain or the wind pick up. Infact, they are muck spreading near us and if the wind blows the wrong way, need I say more. Hopefully this will let the guy who's going to zap me know how far he needs to go inwards and ensures that nothing new spouts growth. Also another good reason to have gone on holiday before that starts as after radiotherapy its factor 50 on quite a lot of the left side. More patches of white and brown. One day someone will shoot me thinking I'm some kind of cat loose on the beach!

It was also a sad week the week before my pain management doc retired. Although I am thrilled for him I will miss him. I decided to get in touch with him (recommended by a family friend) in May 08 when I was still well. I wanted him to know me when I could run around and not be ill (little did I know I was really ill). He has given sound advice and especially after the operation he and my GP worked well together to make sure the pain was as bearable as possible.

A friend of mine is off the see Dr Vogl soon, although not meso, non small cell lung cancer, I hope it works. Unfortunately Dr Abtin was unable to help due to the position of the cancer but thankfully Dr Vogl may manage to get to it.

Once I get a full low down on the scan I will let you know my plans, meanwhile I'm praying for sunshine tomorrow and a lazy day with a good book and a nice brown body.

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