Thursday, 20 August 2009

Meso is better than this

Here I am still suffering, I did start to feel better but to be fair I was taking sleeping tablets so at least I had more than 30 minutes, problem is they are addictive and I don't want to get stuck on those and never sleep normally again!

I tossed and turned all night and by 6.30 I was worn out. I let Lexi out, who really didn't want to get up, then read the paper. I still felt sick and to be honest I am fed up with myself. Yet by 8 pm at night I am starting to feel good, then its bed at 10 and the whole thing starts again.

I am also wondering if I am hanging for a cold or something but as yet that hasn't shown itself. Went to the Docs yesterday and he offered me alternative anti-depressants. I couldn't believe it as I wasn't on duloxetine to fix a black outlook I was taken them to kill the bloody nerve damage pain. All I have succeeded to do is give myself cold turkey and realise my side wasn't ready to let go of the painkillers!

I feel swollen under the left arm, and my ribs seem raw, have had some sharp needle pains (only way I can describe them) but will have to put up with it ... I took the jump so now I will have to swim. I can't remember feeling this bad when I was full of cancer!

So here we are nearly 2 weeks later and still feel bl***y c**p so beware my friends it wears you down. I have been to work but have got nothing done as my mind just can't concentrate but if I stayed home I think I'd pick a fight with hubby so better out of the way.

Going for blood tests etc tomorrow maybe they might show something up. Have found out that my scans still haven't been sent so am not amused and that my GP has had a fight to get me on the MDI team up here. Will let you know the outcome soon.

Still fighting on .. ridiculous after all this time

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