Friday, 12 February 2010

My Stomach

It was good to know that my heart is as strong as ever and my ecg was clear so my doc has decided to send me for the camera down the throat job.  Never until I had endo was I ever ill from that to meso seems so unfair. 

I am already panicking at the thought of having to swallow something alien but the hope will be they find whatever it is that is making my stomach feel crap on a morning and this new pain around my heart area.  It must be heartburn or an ulcer which could have formed after the chemo.  Lets face it my insides use to open up like a boiled tomato two days after the chemo and something must have to suffer.  I know its been a few years since the chemo but this problem has never gone away so fingers crossed it is something that a couple of tablets can fix once they see what's going on.  The other side of the coin is I hate wasting doctor's time, back to the days when they kept telling me there was nothing wrong and now I have a fear that I would be wasting their time and money.

On a happy note Nat's gave birth to a beautiful little girl on Monday after spending the weekend in labour, but it is her first so she was kind of expecting to be in labour for a good while.  It's a good job that Chris had her hip done before the baby came as Nat's needed a C Section in the end so I know Chris would have postponed her operation so she could have helped Nat's, not that a one legged cripple could have done much but I am pleased it happened the way it did.  Poor Nat's partner has two patients at home and a new baby to look after.

Speaking of cripples hubby's knee has blown up like a balloon and he is finding it hard to bend it and has been referred for a knee operation.  He had one done in 1996, and to show my sympathy I made him go to the metro the next day as it was valentine's day, so I could get my engagement ring.  Cruel wasn't I, this time though I will be looking after him once he has surgery, hopefully I will get my own back and be giving him orders on what to do and what he can't do, he never listened in 96 - hence the journey to the metro.

Guess I had better go and get ready for work, have had a busy one this week and managed to go into the office everyday, although I haven't got much accountancy work done I've been busy writing a database to make life easier for another member of staff, only problem is that it knocks me back on my side and causes me lots of stress.  I have had no proper teaching on writing them and learn as I go, so sometimes what would take a programmer 5 minutes to put a line together in VBA it takes me 30 minutes on some of the code. 

Looking forward to a relaxing this weekend, hope everyone else has a good one.

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