Friday, 29 October 2010

Where have I Been

Time has flown and for once I haven't been offline because I have been ill, instead I have thrown myself into my new duties at work.  Although I have been suffering and am putting it down to far to many hours spent over the computer.

I had some sad news recently from John E (my surgeon) who lost his pet Rufus while on holiday.  My heart goes out to him and his family, if there is nothing worse than losing a member of the family it is loosing your fully fledged member of the family (your pet). 

My meso mate down country has let me know about a trial she may be participating in, my fingers and toes and anything else I can cross will be as we need more on the market but trials always seem to have the habit of dying out before they get started or we hear no more about them.

I also heard that the Action Day was exceptional this year with many people being unable to attend due to lack of tickets.  In one way that is really great but in another really sad as that means there are more out there with this terrible cancer.

I managed to finally get my written report which had loads of medical references but nothing that I could get excited about either way.  Yes there is changes, no they aren't sure of what, yes recurrence but remains static.  Hum, haven't had the scan and Dr Abtin is desperate to view it.

I also have Karen's story to get published and owe her many apologies and today hubby found a report about another new chemo going on trial.  He has requested further information and once we receive it I will get that up and loaded too.

Better get back to my drawing board, hopefully John has opened the doors and found a new member of the family to adopt and keep him fit after hours of being slouched over our bodies in theatre or over his desk reading reports!

Keep well everyone, and thanks to BB for leaving a comment about indigestion remedies, I certainly will be giving it a try, this pain is now lasting 24/7 without going, even morphine is just dulling it for a couple of hours.


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