Sunday, 23 January 2011

Busy Week

My health has certainly taken a dip this week, I have been overworking my body and to be honest the thought of sunshine is calling.  I visited site 3 days and it was so cold my finger ends were white.  I think I am crazy taking on projects that I really shouldn't have.  3 of the houses are ready for boarding and 2nd fix, which means I need to get my plans for bathrooms and kitchens finalised, also the kitchens need sorting for the remaining 7 houses which I haven't really bothered with since knocking down some internal walls.  I didn't realise how much effort and time the housing project would take, now I am at year end for the Company with a lot of pre audit work to do, I need to do some updating on most of the databases I wrote over the years and my energy level is at zero.

I took a couple of temezapam this week to help ease the pain, the two nights I took it I slept wonderfully and I did get some relief as I didn't wake up during the night to feel myself locked in a position.  But the day after the night I didn't take it my body seemed to hurt 100% more.  I can't decide whether it is worthwhile taking them for a night to get some decent sleep but then having a double rotten day and night the one after.

Nev goes in for surgery tomorrow and the worry of what that will reveal is a heavy on my mind, not to mention the problem he has coming round after surgery, something to do with his MS.  Then my eldest brother Stephen got himself fully knocked out on Thursday afternoon on site.  His wife and I drove through to James Cook Hospital not knowing what to expect.  Luckily for him he turned out to be okay but on the reflection side it could have been a lot more serious.

All week I have been looking forward to going over to my sister in laws and help her get organised with redecorating her house.  When it came to yesterday I woke up with that rotten meso feeling, my ribs ached, my stomach area felt that yak, my false diaphragm was digging in, my legs ached and although I didn't want to waste the day on a sofa (which I really hate doing) I felt that was where I should be, but I took no notice of sense and logic and we went to her house.  Needless to say we didn't get anything done apart from buy some sugar soap for the bedroom walls!

It has been a week since Danny left this life, how many more will follow the same fate?  Another meso friend has had another good ct report, since diagnose he has had no new growth and is stable, that is now 18 months, no treatment, nothing.  I hope it carries on that way for him for many a good year to come.

All I can do is hope that my meso hasn't returned because I really have no idea of which route I would take, but pointless worrying about that until it happens.

Well do I try and help decorate today or stay home and rest, I have another full week ahead and no days where I could just work from home. One thing I do know is that once I kick start myself into action I will get something done.

To those of you with pain I hope you get some respite too!

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