Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Meso run for your life

The results are in for the last scan.  Although I don't understand the full amount of the medical wording I know that having the 4 removed in March was a good idea. 

It didn't kill the cancer, but those 4 tumours would have flowered, for want of a better word, and more little tumours would be feeding off my lung.  Some have remained stable but others have grown.  One remark was the 9mm tumour previously recorded in January is no longer there.  I hope this was the 14mm tumour which was removed, but on the side this would mean that that specific meso was growing at approx 5mm during those 3 months.  The radiologist has reported that some have grown in bulk and some between 2 and 3mm.  It is hard to work out the sizes, after all it depends on where the scanner slices for its pictures.  As for my right lung I have the 3 tumours reported in USA and 2 tumours reported on this scan.  Either way the meso is now in the right, whether 2 or 3 doesn't matter action needs to be taken in that area.

I am waiting for a copy of the scan and then I guess I will be contacting Prof Gilliams and try thermal ablation.  I would love to have Dr Abtin remove them but there is no way I am returning to LA.  I like the idea of just going to London, one night recovery and home with the dogs and my own surroundings the next day.  At least that will take care of holding them back from flowering - fingers crossed.

I just don't know what to do yet about the development of the meso in my left lung.  If it stays slow growing then I'm 50/50 on holding off any chemo.  I need to remember that when the chemo came back to life in 07 I wasn't that happy it was over 1cm before I knew and I was annoyed that I hadn't started chemo earlier, but as it was the chemo didn't work and the cancer kept going. 

I feel really good at the moment, forgetting the morning crap, but I have gained weight, my energy levels have improved and although I am still battling with the gabapentin, overall I look well and feel well.  I think I am telling myself that the meso isn't there and maybe I am putting my head in the sand in some ways but when you feel good you don't want to know that things aren't.

I am still waiting for my oncologist to come back with his thoughts on the trial info I have given him, I guess when I see him again my head will have to come out of the sand and I will have to deal with the reality my friend isn't willing to give up the fight in my left lung and has made a claim on my right.

That's it for now, hubby is calling from the kitchen, dinner is ready and my stomach is empty. 

Keep strong everyone and let us beat this thing.

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