Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Getting NoWhere!!!!!

Why is it that we just can't get specialists to go that little bit further or try and convince them that something good can come of a treatment.  Debbie has tried her hardest to get Vogl's treatment going over here, I on the other hand want cyroablation to be used, (both for pallitive and debulking), and both of us WITHOUT SUCCESS

Yes I have been turned down by Harefield, I have no idea why but I don't think the cryoablation they do there is the same as Dr Abtin and his team do in UCLA.  So if that's the case why can't anyone allow Dr Abtin to come and show how they do cryablation and teach someone here, so that we, in the UK have this.  I know that cryablation works, it has taken out 6 or 7 of my tumours, they can't regrow, I know it can't kill the cancer but at least those 7 can't reproduce or cause pain.  Is it money?  Do those of us who are condemned to death only be allowed so many treatments?  Yet I have funded the majority of mine myself, even my radiotherapy I believe was paid for by the insurance company, so surely that's not it!

One hospital with the equipment is all I asked for, some radiologist would learn a new treatment and maybe just maybe a few people can be helped with both pain and quality of life, even just one other is better than none.

Looks like I don't need to worry about whether to take a year out and not do anything because I have nothing left to choose from.  Flying long haul now affects the air gap so its not like I can fly to UCLA and get rid of these little bastards that are growing. 

Yes I am annoyed

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