Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Walks

It has been wonderful having 3 whole days with hubby and the dogs.  Although the weather hasn't been the best it still allowed us to all go off in the woods and have a couple of good few hours out in the fresh air.  We even went to Low Barn Bird Life Park and had a wonderful wander around the 50 Hectares there, we didn't take the mutts which I miss doing.

I have lifted my slow release but to be honest I don't think it is doing that much difference to the morning pain, I am certainly feeling more of the cancer now as the iron cage around my ribs is becoming more restrictive, trying to keep focused on it not allowing to spoil my life can be hard work at times but hey we have to give it a try.

Hubby is getting me more and more interested in taking photo's of the birds around us and I am now finding myself constantly straining my eyes looking between branches on trees to see what is up there.  I wish that was the only habit I had as I am so annoyed I picked up the cigs, having such a strong will on doing everything else makes me laughable that something that costs a fortune and is only 4 inches in length can get such a grip on me.  Not to mention all the fruit gums I eat to stop me smoking!

Seems everyone is trying to have a good time over Easter and make the most of things, I heard from a friend in the states and things aren't going well at all.  The US have many more trials going on and seem to be way ahead of the game than we are just wish all Countries could share the information between them to help secure us a future with a chronic illness rather than a fatal cancer.  On the one hand her husband's tumours have reduced (immune therapy was used) but has fluid in the pericardium I wonder how that is be removed.

Its 8 am and not sure what I want to do, I really would love to have a long lie in but my bones get more painful the longer I lie and my stomach more sickly.  Hopefully, for a change, hubby will get a long lie in and give him some much needed down time.

Don't eat too much chocolate

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