Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ups and Downs of living with Meso

Yesterday was a cold, windy and stay in the house day, sometimes I feel a prisoner has more life than I do when the weather is against us.  I just couldn't be bothered with anything at all. 

I have had some news back from Dr Abtin and he is surprised at the slow growth rate of my meso, infact I don't think he has ever come across it growing so slow before.  Of course this makes me happy but I still hate the thought that it is still growing and causing problems.  When one part of your body isn't working right other area's suffer and in my case at the moment my eye's are.

As well as my GP, Dr Abtin and Prof Suh are trying to get a hospital on board to learn the technique of cryoablation.  I watched part of the BBC2 Cancer program and saw the cyberknife, the same one that I have details about on my website from 2008.  I am hoping that the Royal Marsden could be persuaded to think about cryo as they seem to look to the future in new and exciting technology.  If you go to the Royal or Harefield please mention cryoablation, the more the word gets out the more open minded someone might be.  As you know I had the fast growing nodes cryoablated last March (11) and they haven't come back, I was lucky that he targeted the ones that had grown the fastest and maybe the shock of being killed slowed the others that were growing.  I need the same to happen to the new ones that have appeared, as they haven't undergone the wrath of cryo, and maybe they too might just stop in their tracks.

Of course he also told me that I have a few growing near the pericardium, which after all the problems and pain I endured before surgery, this didn't put my mind in any comfortable zone.  Before surgery I had meso in the pericardium and believe me it was like having heart attacks on a regular basis.

Trying to get a new technique is not easy, sometimes I wonder how things do hit the market.  I can understand the slowness of drugs but laser, cyberknife etc you see it there and then.

I had a note from Andrea, if you are booking holidays this year please check her prices out, you can find her link under Holidays and Travel down the left hand side.  For every booking she contributes £5 to a meso charity.

The sun is out, the sky is blue but the wind is strong, hopefully by the time I have showered it may have dropped enough of me to leave the prison camp and get some fresh air.  Hope you all are feeling normal.

On a sad note I would like to extend my condolence's to the Peart family for the loss of their son Kevin, although not from mesothelioma he has fought a lung disease for 8 years and needed 2 new lungs, unfortunately at 50 he lost the fight.

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