Thursday, 21 March 2013

Where do they come from?

I am pleased to say that someone recently has written about cryo-ablation and maybe it's use on mesothelioma.  The article can be found here.
The article has been researched by a thoracic nurse who writes for one of the websites that try and find out as much information on mesothelioma treatments.  The website does have a lot of interesting information
I think everyone knows that I am advocate of cryo, it does less damage to the tissue in the lung than RFA, which we can have in the UK, but only only tumours less than 2cm.  I still can't understand the fuss why this can't be used more often.  Maybe we don't have many Interventional Radiologist in this country or is it because it doesn't cure, but lets face it chemo doesn't cure either.  I guess this also brings us back to the argument for Prof Vogl and his treatment too. 
I have found that numbers are growing in diagnosis than ever before, if asbestos has been banned for so long then where are all these new cases coming from.  DIY is all I can think.  Our fathers worked in and with asbestos back in the early 50 and 60's, but today you find cases as young as 20 year olds being struck by this cancer, either the dormancy period has altered or the asbestos acts differently when broken by DIY.  I wonder if any of the researchers have thought about that.  When used fresh does it have a different effect to when it has been laid for many years before being disturbed?
I have been given a tip off that my book still has a few typo errors, not as professional as I would have wished.  The more you read the same info the less you see the errors.  I have started again to read it myself and have found quite a few.  Obviously I am disappointed but at least I can correct them before it book goes to print.  To be honest I am half way through the second one, and although I haven't sold many at the moment I hope that in time to come both will do well and help the cause for future mesothelioma patients.
As holiday time is around the corner, insurance is the buzz word again at the moment, having mesothelioma isn't always easy to get a decent cover at a reasonable rate.  Once Gary and I were quoted £12,000 to insure me, it was cheaper to cancel the holiday last minute, so from then on we only had my luggage and other illness covered and that still costs around £275 per annum.  I have heard that MIA is fairly reasonable, but I guess until you actually start giving out your own details that's when you will get the cost. 
Holidays, not long till some sun on the cruise!  Although it's Easter next weekend, I can't believe it.  When I was young I remember we would go on bus trips over Easter then when my eldest brother could drive he would take us out.  I can't remember the weather always been cold like this. 
Today is my last aromatherapy for at least  weeks, my therapist is going in for a new hip, I hope the operation goes well and that the hip is a perfect fit.  I know I will miss my treatments, I would advise them to everyone, but I will also miss the chats we usually have.  Now she won't have an excuse to say she hasn't time to read my book!

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