Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Feeling better

Its Wednesday night, hubby's watching the Axe man and I have a few moments to myself.

I was trying to remember the last time I didn't suffer from pain of any sorts and looking back it must of been in the 80's. I guess I have been pretty unlucky as I had endometriosis then this! Infact I thought I had endo in the chest when the symptoms first began, when I breathed I thought my lung was sticking to my ribs, that was back in 2000.

Through operations and tumours I always tried to turn up for work, I use to work 7 days aweek before I met hubby, he talked me round to working 6 then 5 1/2 days now I'm down to 6 mornings. This last drop was during the last Chemo and to be honest I still don't find enough hours in the day to do what I want.

How do people manage to get so much done? When I worked 7 days I still found time for friends, housework and going out. Now its 6 mornings and I find I can't fit in the same things I did before. Does anyone out there have any tips how to squeeze more time out of 24 hours?

What do you think of my youngest, she's beautiful isn't she. Many years ago we bought a superking size bed so the 2 shepherds and us could fit in. Now its the youngest and us, you should see it at bed time its a race for who gets where, usually the dog wins with the most space.

When we go on holiday we get lost in so much space as we are both use to sleeping on the edges we forget there's a middle.

A friend of mine has gone off to Germany for chemo-embolization, hopefully it went smoothly for him today. I will be quizzing him tomorrow to find out what happens and how it works and promise to post this information as soon as I can.

Dr Abtin is going to send me some actual data on cryo-ablation after they publish their paper in February, this could be the way forward for new cases where they only have single tumours. I wish it had been around when mine were single instead of becoming fused together and leaving rind round the lung, but at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel for those new to this disease.

Everyday something new is coming along and I hope that there's plenty of us still here to benefit from the new developments, after all I thank my lucky stars everynight for the treatments I have had. Without the initial surgery that removed a tumour from my lung and several mushrooms from my chest wall then onto Alimta in 2004 I would certainly not be here today. The discovery of cryo-ablation which has now killed two tumours extended from the main fusion would probably of seen my hubby organising a funeral at Christmas instead of sorting the Turkey out.

Hope keeps us all alive and without that and doctors/scientists doing their bit we would have nothing at all.

Sweet dreams ......

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