Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My cryoablated Tumour

What a week its been, have had an middle ear infection that has had me reeling from one side to the other, a memory of chemo came to mind. Thankfully seem on the up.

Have loaded a copy of the tumour that was cryo-ablated in November, thought you might like to meet one of my friends. See that Grey nodule on the righthand side of the image, looks like a mole hill on the inside of my lung, thats one of my friends also known as Mesothelioma.

The images are before and after, obviously the top one is before. To be truthful its not totally after as the image on the right is half way through the procedure and the image isn't in the exact same spot on the CT as the image on the left but I'm sure you get the feel of it.

Can you see on right hand image the blackness running through the tumour, well that folks is cryo-ablation at work, freezing and killing this tumour. It's not an equal match to the image on the left, but after 2 hours of exporting images only to find it had duplicated the same image a mere 56 times I gave up and thought I'd just post these two.

Hopefully for me I'm back at work tomorrow, that's if the room stops moving everytime I turn my head. I have been in the house a full week and it's driving me nuts! Infact it has nearly turned me off the idea of having surgery as I'd be stuck inside for at least 2 weeks.

I had to have bloods taken as its been a while and with this ear carry on the Doc thought it a good idea. Thankfully the District nurse didn't ring to say she was arriving and just landed at my door with her yellow bucket. It certainly didn't give me a chance to panic about the needle. It was nice catching up as when I was first diagnosed she came out to redress my wounds. To be honest I think she was shocked I was still here, its been 4 years!

Hope you like the images and it gives you an idea of what a tumour looks like, when I manage the export I'll pull off one of the rind from a decent angle.

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