Monday, 6 April 2009

Mesothelioma Strikes Again

It is with great sadness that I notify you of the death of one of us. Graham died on Friday night\Saturday morning in Hospital. Thankfully Pam was by his side together with his family.

Graham was only diagnosed 11 months ago, his vitality throughout this time was amazing, he kept hope as a number one priority. I met Graham and Pam last year when they came up to visit and find out more about cryo-ablation, unfortunately Graham's tumour wasn't in a good position and until shrinkage could be achived cryo was out of the question.

The tumours went from the top of his right lung, over his shoulder and down his back. This is why surgery could not be used either as it would cause so much damage to his nervous system, blood supply and muscles, plus he could possible lose the use of his right arm, also I don't think the surgeon he saw was willing to take him on

I can only send my thoughts to Pam and hope that over the next few weeks she finds the inner strength to carry on. She told me that she was in denial of this killer and thought that Graham would be with her till they were old and grey

Once again mesothelioma claims a life it had no right to take and another family loses a partner, father and grandfather. When will this ever end?

Governments, Trade Unions and employers should have known better and brought the use of this deadly compound to a halt years earlier.

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