Sunday, 26 April 2009

Still carrying on

I feel kind of guilty for not posting recently but at the same time I have no idea whether this helps others in this situation. I think I am on 15 weeks since the operation and I am doing really well. I have just spent a couple of days away with my friends, hubby had to stay home with the girls, and I had the best time I've had for ages. As I relaxed knowing that hubby would be relaxed at home.

If I move suddenly hubby is on the alert, where if I did that with the girls they didn't notice so no one was getting worried!

The funeral was a wonderful tribute to Linda, only problem for me was when we got to the pub we were talking in the car park and an old friend came over and whacked me on my back, yes you've guest it, left side, not just once but twice! That was me over and done with so I didn't get to say anything to her husband or sons.

Yes I still have odd and sometimes frightening pains, I had a couple around the heart area, just sharp shooting pains, but I think that's the gauze settling down. Plus I get shooting pains in my lower stomach, so I am sure it's the same thing. Although I am still numb with peculiar pain areas I am really doing well. People who see me can't believe I look so well. Still in doubt about going through with it, whats 3 months if you can buy 3 years, its shorter than chemo and gives you more time, hopefully.

I went for my bone scan yesterday, once again injected with radioactive things. Its a wonder I don't glow in the night! Hopefully the results will be with John by next Friday, yes I'm off to Sheffield to see my surgeon, so he can feel my patch under the boob, I think he was sick of having to move my bits out of the way when he was checking before, I've given up being that embarrassed, just hope all is well. Even better my blood is finally on the way up, I could have celebrated, but my luck would have been the Alcohol thinned the blood and I was back to where I started.

The paper petition for the National Centre is doing well, I have collected in 340 signatures at the moment and have several sheets still outstanding. Will be doing the rounds next week to pick them up. I even took it to Pine Lake, where we were staying, and pounced on people to sign it!

I think that's enough for now, my head feels less crammed and I'm sure your bored by now. Take care everyone and remember axe the china man.

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