Friday, 1 May 2009

Ahead of The Mesothelioma

I've had two lots of good news, the cardiologist said my heart seems to have settled down, and although he hasn't made another appointment should I need to see him I can go straight back to clinic. That's very kind of him as usually you have to mess around getting sent back via your Doctor.

Today we went to see John Edwards, he is extremely happy with my progress and I'm ahead of the game where recovery is concerned. He didn't seem that bothered about all my different pains and swellings, although once again we discussed radiotherapy which I need, but the machine that does the type of radiotherapy he wants to do is only available in 3 locations and isn't necessarily geared up to do what he wants them to do. Maybe I might end up in Florida for 6 weeks!! The type of radiotherapy I need is called Tomotherapy so if you have come across it can you please let me know where and who the radiologist was.

The paper petition has gone well for the Virtual Site, between my contacts and I we have 660 signatures so far, still have a few sheets outstanding, so thank you to everyone that has helped gain this number. A pat on the back to you all.

I am looking forward to going to Downing Street, I probably won't be in a position to say anything but having the satisfaction of helping hand over such a large petition puts oxygen back in my blood.

It's been such a long day, Gary made a flask of coffee for the journey down, so no stopping at the services for us then! I am sure he is becoming a penny pincher, he gets excited when He's being grocery shopping and bought two items for the price of one etc. I am getting worried as this is not the man I married.

I will be blue for the next couple of days as we were suppose to go on holiday next week. Our friends have still gone, not that I'm green or anything, but I wish we were still going. If I had known the lung wouldn't come right would I have still gone through the operation, knowing that in effect it will spoil my quality of life as I may never fly again and go to such wonderful places to rest and relax, obviously the answer is YES. Seems the only beach I'll see this summer will be Seaton Carew!

As there's not that many of us out there that has gone through this operation I don't know how many have the same problem. I would love to hear from you if you have.

Not that I should complain really as I am still alive and that should be the most important thing, good job I did so much travelling just after I was diagnosed or I'd really be in the blues.

Sometimes I wish Britain could be moved clockwise by 90 degrees and further south so we had a better climate. I can see that happening in the same breath as a pig sprouting wings!

Seems the fluid has remained at the same level and the air is still in the top, thus if I got into a plane the air would double in size and blow my lung out! John told me today it was still better than doing the full EPP as I still had additional oxygen with having my left lung in place, even it its only has 30% capacity.

My friends were telling me on our short break that everyone was nervous when I went down to theatre as they we unsure whether I would survive. They said they knew I would but they all still had doubts. When it got to 7 hours I think they started panicking, I hate to think how they were when it got to eight thirty and I still hadn't come out!

My tea has arrived so please excuse me while I go and hopefully put some weight on.

Only need a bottle of bubbly now to celebrate all the good news!

Axe the China man

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