Monday, 25 May 2009

Meso Drain Sites

I can't believe it, another sufferer has got tumours coming out of his drain sites. I had mine zapped in 2004 and I know of another who also got zapped, neither of us (fingers crossed) have had anything happen there.

Why have the oncologists deemed it doesn't work, how are we going to address this situation. Everytime I read a new entry on any meso sites, 8 out of 10 mention the drain sites. Yet they say they have no evidence to show that radiotherapy works in stopping this happening. Surely if they did all patients with it and recorded how many ended up with tumours through the site then we would know for sure. They probably selected about 10 patients who were well on the way to taking their last breath and they zapped them. If you are at a late stage it won't help but if you don't have a full lining of meso then they should do the drain sites.

I am also worried in case my meso spreads to my stomach. My meso mate CB sent me an email telling me about another meso mate having the operation and a year later it has spread to his Peritoneum. I wonder how many this has happened to, I know of 2 in the North East but I guess I don't know how many operations have been done. I'm guessing around 60 throughout the Country but I am probably wrong.

On a brighter note we spent yesterday in the garden pricking out loads of plants. I can't believe I lasted nearly 8 hours outside without a nap, that is progress.

After Downing Street I was wrecked from Thursday to Saturday, infact I couldn't believe I didn't fall asleep on the train but my Adrenalin was racing. But after spending so long outside yesterday and getting up early today I am aching. My ribs seem to have swelled up again.

We decided to try Northumberland County Show today, we got to 4 miles from the site in 40 minutes and spent an hour travelling the last 4 miles. Its a shame this whole show is only on for 1 day, maybe if they did it like the Yorkshire Show for 3 days or even 2 then maybe the traffic wouldn't have been as bad. It's on single long winding roads and the car park organisation can't of been that good as it was the parking that caused the ques. The disabled parking was in a field with ruts, thank god I didn't need a wheel chair otherwise we would have been stuck. I felt sorry for anyone disabled with walking sticks etc as I believe it would have been dangerous for them. Plus it was still quite a walk to the entrance gate, let alone walking around the area. Unfortunately, due to all the sun yesterday, hubby got a rotten headache (that and being stuck in the car), my legs didn't want to work so we made a right pair. We only stayed 2 hours and missed quite a bit but hubby went pale. Thankfully it took 57 minutes to drive home!

Yes you could say I am recovering well. I did tell John Edwards I would go through the surgery again (I must be crazy) but without it and the cryo before I would be grasping for my breath if I was still alive.

I still live on a mass of tablets but at least over time these will reduce, my scar is starting to fade slightly, apart from the lump over my shoulder blade. I do wish the fluid and air would go as we have had several texts from friends asking when we are going out to Dubai to see them, then we had to miss Barbados. I do hope the weather stays good for the summer, but it isn't the same staying in the back garden, you still find yourself cleaning and cooking.

I hope you have had an enjoyable bank holiday and are ready for what ever tomorrow brings.

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