Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Meso thoughts

Once again I find myself thinking about this disease, I guess I am lucky as at present I should still be cancer free but you can never tell. When you don't take much in the way of painkillers you can tell instantly when this cancer is growing but when your on a lot of painkillers your not necessarily out of pain but alot of it is hidden away.

I was reading on macmillans site that a guy was still having pain three years later, I looked at the down side of the pain and hubby looked at the positive side as he was still here three years later to mention the pain.

I was also flattered and embarrassed to read that others have found me to be an inspiration to others. I am pleased that I have been able to help others, and I am sure Debbie Brewer is as well. Those with meso need to share anything new on the market or tips to help each other over the rough and be there for support.

The sunshine has certainly cheered me up but again brought home the fact that I might not be able to fly ever again. At home you never seem to relax and lie out do you, your either thinking about what to get ready for tea or feel guilty because the ironing is stacking up!

I actually had a few beves the other night, and for the first time in years I found myself feeling rather tipsy, it still didn't help me sleep but I did enjoy the taste.

Keep fighting the fight and good luck to everyone

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