Sunday, 24 January 2010


Just a quickie as I have done today's blog, but I want to thank Veronica, I  looked into Prof Vogl back in 07 and then 08 recently he was very good at sending over info for my website. 

I am pleased to hear that you are doing well and have also included your blogspot down the side for others to visit too.  I have already been following your fight (one of the meso circle sent the link) and I am pleased that things are going well.  We all need to hear the good results and by following or hearing about each others experiences of treatments, be it good or bad, this then helps us weigh up which treatment might suit our own individual needs.

Also after a few emails of requests, here is an update photo of my precious boy, who managed his first proper walk today along the lane.

He is now whining in the background because he's had his meal and doesn't know whether he wants to sleep or find more food!

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