Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday Again!

Have just been onto Bob Tolley's site, what amazing support and all that charity work, it puts me to shame!  also heard from Graham Brown this week and he is also doing a challenge on how much he walks.  I am thinking of taking up the challenge with him and hopefully raise some funds for Mick Knighton.  We were going to do another Auction Ball this year but our industry is still on its knee's and to whole idea is getting items for nothing and raising as much cash as possible. 

One thing that does annoy me is the misuse of the message boards etc, why do people have to spoil serious postings with abusive articles .. couldn't they put that much needed expression into doing something good!

This week has really flown, I have only missed one night's dog walking because I couldn't get my back warm, does anyone else suffer like that.  You can have a cold sweat or indeed a hot one but your back is ice cold, putting layers on or having a red hot bath doesn't warm it up either.  Sometimes I think it;s because I'm tired other times I think its the body fighting any ideas the cancer may have.  John E came back and agrees the scan looks good, all that pain has certainly been worthwhile.  Just hope I don't end up in hospital after my next flight .. I really hate the place.

So much for a hot 25+ weekend, we have dark clouds and wind, no walking for me unless that wind subsides, don't know about you guys but it takes my breath away. 

Hopefully today I will get lots of jobs done around the house and start to see the place tidying up.  The floor is being laid in the Kitchen and Utility, the carpet is all that's required for the shower room so am cooking with gas.  It's getting the old kitchen out that will then finally tidy the place up as the office is spilt between three rooms and there's boxes everywhere .. even in the bedrooms.  I have promised I will have a good clear out but I am terrible for holding onto stuff. 

I hope the coming week is good for all of us.

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