Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunshine Calling

All it takes is a couple of days and I bounce back to being my annoying self again.  My couple of day's of self pity bugged me but am pleased to say that I am feeling physically a little better (daren't say too much as I seem to have the Midas touch on myself).

My eldest brother's CT has come back clear so he has no asbestosis and can't understand how when he has some of the same problems our Nev has.  But I have to say I am really pleased they found nothing, two of us with chest disease is bad enough.

Am dreading leaving the dogs for the week while we are away but I know that the girls will do a good job of  looking after them.  Chris is treating the experience as a holiday .... I don't think she realises she will need one after looking after them!  Thankfully Lorraine is going to sleep over to so Chris won't have to manage on her own.  It's quite strange when you stay at someone's else house when they aren't there.  I use to dogsit\housesit for both my brothers years ago and found it odd being on my own without them around.  At least if they fall out over what to watch they have a choice of  two lounges to sit in!

The sweats seem to have calmed themselves down again and at least for the last 2 nights I have had a reasonable dry'ish time, just damp instead of soaking.  I think the night sweats take it out of you more than you realise.

Have been back out with hubby and the dogs over the fields the last 3 nights and have really enjoyed it, although am wearing 4 layers of clothing already.  So much looking forward to the sunshine and heat that Dubai will give, then the only problem is coming back to the cold weather here.  I am worried about flying, if we have to circle again will this affect my lung like last time.  I know one thing if I have the same sensations as before when I get home I head straight to my mother's and borrow her oxygen.

I am pleased to hear that Alan, having done well on chemo, is off on his hols again.  Danny is also doing well and is expecting their first grandchild, no doubt will be doing a lot of driving to spend as much time as possible with the baby.  It's fingers crossed at the moment for Cliff, but I know he will be ok - he is so positive.  I am hoping that he will go under Dr Abtin's care and have this patch cryo-ablated.

The Carer's day is October 2nd and unfortunately I won't be able to make it.  It would have been great meeting up with virtual friends and putting name's to faces.  I am sure it will be a good day, I wonder what the USA speaker will bring to the table.

Better get a move on, haven't done anything yet this morning.  Keep going everyone, we need our moans to keep us sane but we must always try and get back on top of them .... I will start to worry the day I don't bounce back.


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