Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Heart Scan

Am I pleased to be over my chest infection, but stupid me will probably have a cold again by Friday!  I had to go to site on Monday and Tuesday and you know how cold the weather was.  2 Hours I spent on site and apart from standing in the cold shell of one of the houses I was up and down 2 flights of stairs constantly.  On my final trip up and down I felt dumbstruck.  I couldn't talk, I wasn't panting but I felt like I had nothing coming in or going out.  It took about 5 minutes before I could find myself uttering a word.  One of guys who was on site with me is fully loaded with cold today - I am just praying I don't get it back otherwise I'll have hubby giving me what for.

Tomorrow, all being well, I hope to finally get my tooth fixed, this repair job has been on hold since last May, then when  finally got back to the dentists I had another problem so he fixed that, I had to cancel the last appointment again because of my cold so hopefully tomorrow my shattered tooth will have a nice new filling and have no holes.

Friday I am going to hospital for these heart tests.  I am just hoping they are doing one of the ultra scan tests for the pressure, dear God if I had to go on an exercise bike I think I will struggle, and if they put me on one of those running machines I will be flat out and they will need to revive me!

I finally revamped the website and put Karen's and Hilary's pieces on, so am quite chuffed with getting something done.  I haven't had that much new information to update anything else but it did need a bit of a spring clean and hopefully the buttons work this time!

Bear has managed to become a hop along again, he stumbled up one of the steps and he is holding his left leg this time.  I wonder if all extra large dogs do these things.  Although he is wanting to bite my hands like they are going out of fashion.  I say 'No' and he wags his tail.

Am still waiting for the scan date, my GP rang last Friday out of the blue to see how I am and when my next scan is due.  He was a little shocked that it is some 5 months since my last one and thought I was getting one every 3 months.  Hopefully he will also chase this up.

Back to doing some paperwork, hope you are all well.

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Anonymous said...

Jan, Giant dogs like Newfs arent meant to do stairs at all and if they have to they shouldnt be allowed until over 18 months old. xxxx