Monday, 27 December 2010

Survived the Day

I don't know where I managed to get all my energy to keep going over the last couple of days.  My mother can drive a saint to distraction and she was staying with us for Christmas.  The first day was trying and every time we left the room she would start shouting "Jan".  I don't think I have done so many rounds in our house for a long time.  Christmas Eve she was calling out at 5 am for a drink, thankfully in a way she did as I discovered we had no water!  Hubby and I stayed up trying to get an answer on the NWL hot line but we had a recorded message played for some 90 minutes, I ended up leaving him to it and returned to bed.  Nevertheless, we were up again at 8 as we had dinner to do for the family.  Thankfully we had filled pans of water with what was remaining in the taps and by 9 the water was back on.

Lexi decided she wanted her presents before anyone else and started hunting around the tree for anything that smelt like food, Bear didn't bother as he didn't understand what the excitement was all about.  With gift in mouth Lexi took great joy in ripping off the paper and breaking into .. thankfully .. one of her own bones!  We gave Bear a present to open and he didn't have a clue but after Lexi continued with opening a few more he seemed to get the jest and started on one himself. 

By the time I got mam up, washed and dressed and settled downstairs the time was 11.30 and time for Adult presents.  Dogs were sorted, veg's prepared, Turkey had been cooking slowly since 10.30pm Christmas Eve and was looking good, the Pork had gone in at 9.00 and we were on schedule for 1.30 pm lunch.  Gary's family arrived early and we were still cooking, it was a great family occasion though and we both enjoyed spending it cooking. 

I hope you all managed to have a fabulous Christmas, for me it was another one I shouldn't have had which makes a difference.  I can't believe it is only two years in January since surgery but I certainly feel like I did more in 2009 than I have done in 2010.  You do forget how valuable your life is when you start living normal again.

To all of us I hope that we have a health 2011 and that the worry of mesothelioma stays in the back of our minds while we get on with living.

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