Monday, 29 October 2012

Last proper week at work for a while

I had a great Saturday, getting my hair cut then hubby and I spent all Saturday afternoon in the kitchen baking.  Hubby was inspired by the British Bake Off so we set about making Chicken, Bacon and Apricot pie, some banana flan and a pecan toffee steam pud.  They were all delicious by the way but still 5 hours for 3 dishes was bad organisation.  I thought hubby had read through the recipes, all I knew was the pastry needed to rest so lets make it first, not realising how much prep was required for the rest.  We got there in the end though.

The pie certainly didn't last too long and the pecan pie is nearly finished.  Two fatties on the sofa last night.  

Sunday though was a different story, I just couldn't be bothered, whether its the thought of Chemo starting this week or not I can't decide but instead of making me want to do all sorts just in case I found I wanted to sit on the sofa and watch some stupid fantasy movies to keep my mind off events that can and do happen.
I did go out with the dogs, but the wind was far to strong and I turned back, sitting int he car waiting for the dogs to have had their fun around the field.
I should have caught up with my friends but I didn't really want to talk to anyone, I knew I would get how are you feeling, when does chemo start etc and I want to keep that at the back of my mind.
Am sure I have lots of things organised at work, meetings I have agreed to but have clearly forgotten about, I should write them down, I do have a choice of computers, iphone and ipad yet I never remember!  I am so pleased someone found that article about chemo brain because I certainly do have it.
I was saying to hubby that if I hadn't had meso how healthy I would be, I don't ail anything apart from what the Meso has brought.  I would be running circles round him, probably driving him crazy because I would be always doing something, instead I am getting lazy.  I wish I could still decorate, the paint pot use to come out several times a year.  The rooms would be changed around quite often because I had the strength to push and pull furniture.  Men don't normally see things get boring and need a change and hubby is no exception here. 

I do think though that tension is starting to build up with the prospect of chemo looming.  Will I be alright next weekend, time seems to fly at the moment but when things go wrong time seems to slow right down.  I know one thing, if I can manage a few sips of water and my insides do feel like ww3 has broken out in there I will be taking a knock out pill and try to sleep through the worst of it.
My eldest brother rang to say Good News about the chemo, I was wondering what made it good news but I guess the fact that the onco has had a change of heart and is willing to give it is a bonus.  Oh well, lets see if the chemo nurse gets in touch this week before Thursday, to have our Chemo talk!
On that happy and cheery note I hope your week goes well.  There are so many of us right now going back through the chemo regime it makes me wonder how they can say this cancer isn't as well known, or is it that Doctors just don't get involved enough to realise how many cases there actually are of Mesothelioma.

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