Saturday, 20 October 2012

Living for a day

On Friday morning I noticed the sun was coming through the fog, normally I only take a day off work if the weather is really bad and\ or I'm not well, but I then work from home.  I thought I never spend a good day with Hubby and today I am going to change my Life.
We took the dogs first over the fields and had a good walk around, Bear and Lexi sniffing every where, watched the Hare do a fast run, far to fast for our two, then made our way back to the car.  I said I don't want to just go home and spend the day in front of the computer, this machine seems to rule my life, mornings now facebook, work then come home to emails, blogs and facebook.  What happened to my life!
We dropped the dogs off, got changed and off we went, the sun was out the temp around 14 and no wind.  We headed to Seaton Carew and the Headlands at Hartlepool.  We had fish and chips, sitting in the car and watching the sea then out we went for a walk.  I never realised how much history was at the Headland at Hartlepool, apart from they hung a monkey thinking it was a spy!
It now has a monument explaining why they did it.  I realised we were near a friends house so using my terrible memory I tried to remember what no she lived in, rang her phone no one home! Oh well off we went for a walk to the old war bunkers.
I do wish my friend had been home, those fish and chips needed washing down with something!  After a brisk walk we headed back to the car and drove down to the end of Seaton, I have lived in this area all my life and never knew about this secluded area of beach
If we had the weather like Spain or even Devon this would be crowded, instead it is empty, although the steel plant is just to the left of me on the other side of the bay
In this little area it was so warm, between the sand dunes. Had I had a mat I think we would have spent a couple of hours sitting here, watching the sea and the boats going back and forth, oh well after a wonderful walk from one end to the other it was back to the car.  I loved the idea we had to cross a golf course to get here, obviously I was looking to make sure no one was taking a shot, if I still played I would probably knock a few walkers out as they cut across!

Please give me a treat
Getting home around 4 we had a lazy night, the computer didn't want to play, I had to download a new program for my architect work but it kept stopping and starting, as was facebook so I gave up.  Finally sitting in the living room.  But no rest, either Bear or Lexi are constantly wanting attention and how can one resist this

Is that the treat tin you're picking up?
Today I went into work for a couple of hours, thankfully hubby hadn't taken the mutts out so we both went for a walk.  I hope this is going to be a perfect weekend.  At least it has started better than last week, when I had morphine fall out!

Sunday tomorrow, wonder what the day will bring, a friend died this week from mesothelioma and again it is a reminder that we should live for today, I was shocked because he was doing so well and once again it proves meso just does not give warnings.

I asked a question on face book yesterday if Meso was being represented on Channel Four, Mavis came up with a good idea of tweeting the program to ask ... you know what the answer was before I even write it.

This cancer kills more than prostrate and breast yet it is a dirty word, why?  Politics and health should not go hand in hand, I doubt I will ever put anything in Cancer Research ever again and just support  Chris Knighton, at least I know the money is spent on Meso!

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Linda Wride said...

Enjoy many more days like Saturday Jan!

love linda and Steve xxx