Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pain and sunshine

The hot sun has certainly warmed those ribs up and taken quite a lot of the normal meso pain from the highs to the lows on the 1 to 10 scale but the pain in my butt, sorry it is a pain, and down my leg every time I sit in a certain position is driving me to distraction.  I believe the rolling of the boat has helped with the bile as I don't feel so sick on a morning.  Wonder if hubby fancies moving into a canal boat for the rest of my life!

Seriously though I moan about the cold of home and how heat helps and it truly does but the pains still haunt us.  I'm talking about pain more today because catching the few bits I can on Facebook I see Debbie is really suffering and for her through this unpredictable journey of meso, it's a first.
I have suffered pain long before diagnosis and my heart feels heavy for her, there is no golden tablet that takes it all away, it hovers even with a large dose of morphine.  Our life's are just one long round of pain, once it stops in one area it starts in the next, each nerve fighting with the next to generate the most pain and be noticed by the brain to remind us how fragile our body really is.  Pain is the ultimate bug bear of this disease in my eyes.

So another new day of exploring for us, the one thing about cruising sometimes is we dock at industrial style ports and today is one of them, just tried taking a pic but can't on the iPad!  I have been pretty much out of contact, it seems strange not having email everyday or being on Facebook for a couple of hours, technology has taken over my life.  I brought my 2nd book to edit but have I not read much, on a cruise you don't seem to find reading time.  We have made friends with some amazing people which has been wonderful.  We were supposed to have dinner with the Captain last night but were ordered to ditch him so we could all eat again together, today will be our first day alone as our new found friends have booked tours so maybe I might just get some proof reading done.

Good news too, if I haven't already posted, Debbie has also been asked to be an ambassador for Mkmrf, Hopefully this will make the charity more well known in the South of England, again helping bring more funds to keeping the tissue bank open.  

Oh well, it's a hard life for some of us, had better think about showering and having breakfast, how is it you eat much more on holiday than you ever do at home?  Hubby's pot belly has increased another 3 inches and mine, well lets just say when I sit down it flops over.

As a friend recently said to me "we are still breathing" so to all of us, long may that continue!

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