Friday, 10 July 2009

Mesothelioma Pains?

Since dropping the MST I seem to be having more chest pains than before. The worst time is when I get up on a morning, I have come to the conclusion that when I sleep either on my side or back then straighten up the fluid surges against my chest and heart. I was worried this morning because I thought I must have smoked 50 cigs during the night! Not that I have ever smoked 50 cigs but I guess that is what the feeling was like. My heart seemed tighter than usual, so I came downstairs and took my BP and heart.

Considering I was suffering for ages with such low BP I was shocked it came back 135 over 85 and pulse of 103. I am going to watch this carefully over the coming days.

I am still getting dizzy too, nothing to do with the meso (at least I can't imagine that it could be) and that's partly why I need to reduce the amount of drugs I am taking. But this heart pain and chest stuff is putting me off.

I had an email saying one of the Consultants from a hospital is contacting Dr Abtin directly, I do hope so, although I was told it was posted on Macmillan I was unable to find the posting. Can you imagine if a consultant here gets into cryo-ablation it could become something that can be done in the UK, how many pain free days would that give us, let alone how many others it will stop the cancer growing on. Fingers crossed it comes back positive.

Nearly 6 months since the operation, although I still have more recuperation to do I know I am well and truly passed all the major problems, but sometimes I find myself worrying if a little microscopic bit has found a new home on another organ. I know in my heart of hearts it would still take some time to show itself, if it had, but my right shoulder has been aching again. My common sense tells me its because I over compensate and rest more on my right side because pressure on the left is uncomfortable .... but there is always doubt!

I had an aromatherapy massage over my scar tissue yesterday, the lump that the stitching left is collecting grisel and is getting bigger and catches bra straps etc. Joyce decided it was time so she gentle massaged over the area, I was jumping this way and that but I took it. Thankfully she finished off with a relaxing neck and shoulder rub! Personally I don't know how she could rub over the area, I know I did where I can reach to help get the nerve endings going again but yak, the scar is horrible to look at and I wouldn't want to touch it if it wasn't mine!

Hopefully the weekend is going to be nice and I might just get sat out for some R and R, would love to feel the sun wash over me and let me sleep and take in all its warmth. So I have probably jinxed the weekend and it will pour down with rain!

Hope my meso circle have a good weekend and enjoy the (dare I say it) ... SUN

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