Sunday, 12 July 2009


At last on Monday I will hopefully see the Radiologist to discuss having treatment on my 16" scar and on the 3 drain sites! I did want to have IMRT Tomotherapy but on doing a quick research at present I don't think I want to go there.

As a back up I can know have two options, cryoablation or IMRT.

It is true that a Dr in Harefield is requesting information on cryoablation or as in England cryotherapy. Please God let some radiologists that already carry it out on the Liver, Kidney and prostrate look at the info and say "Yes".

As much as I would love to see Dr Abtin and the Team again I would much prefer to have it done in England, no aeroplanes, just jump in the car or on the train. How many more people would try it out first or be recommended for it first. I found an article on about cryoablation and they state that it is being looked at by some Doctors here. Fingers crossed.

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

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