Sunday, 5 July 2009

Great Results

On Wednesday gone, the hottest day of the week, Hubby and I went to see Dr Edwards. As usually we arrived early and unfortunately he was running late. We ended up sitting in the waiting area for a couple of hours, I made the most of it and went to sleep!

He is over the moon with my recovery and although I probably won't see him for quite a while I wasn't discharged but can make my own mind up when to see him next.

The one thing I didn't like was instead of looking at my scars he examined them and the lump on my shoulder blade, they were extremely tender and made me jump. The lump still hasn't settled down. I sent him an email on our return thanking him for stopping me pushing up daisy's and this is what he sent back.

Keep on with the daisy planting!

So to all of you out there fighting meso please keep doing the same.

Even my pallitive care Doctor is happy and I have started reducing the morphine. Dropped 50mil a day and looking to drop the dulaxatine next week to see how the nerve damage is doing. The one thing about reducing is you can always go back up, but I am really looking to coming further down with the doseage.

Hopefully the dizzy spells will start to subside instead of getting worse. Although the pain is a bit more noticeable at the moment I am putting this down to the journey. 2 hours in the car going down with the roadworks etc was tiring (hence me sleeping in the waiting room) and my fluid slushing back and forth obviously annoys the ribs.div>

Good news also is that if my lung keeps expanding and pushing the air leak out I may, fingers crossed, get to fly towards end of October. The fluid is being forced by the expanding lung up the way hence pushing the air back out. I don't know what happens to the fluid as since the operation is was high then dropped then up. Guess it stays with me forever.

The xray looked good in comparison to the ones I have seen previously.

Also the Respiratory Nurse rang on Thursday to say that my background team are now in place and she will see me every 8 weeks unless something is wrong. After taking care of finding my own Doctors etc and dealing with the problems of this illness on our own, it is a relief that someone else is taking over and watching my health

On that happy note I am going to relax, although not sunbathe as the sun is covered by clouds that go right across the sky and the sun will not burn through them today! Even my pains can't take the happiness away that I feel right now!

Thinking of you all in the meso circle

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