Thursday, 5 November 2009

Feeling Good

I wonder how many of you will be out lighting the bonfire and fireworks for family and friends tonight.  It's quite cold and crisp up here, and for the 2nd year running we haven't bought any fireworks .. at least the horses in the field next door will be pleased.  They were going off last night till quite late in the village near us and I was pleased that our Lexi was never affected by the noise.  My best friend had a dog who was terrified and for the full week had to be sedated to ease his fear.

It's strange, a year ago I was in USA having been cryoblated 2 days earlier.  Little did I know what laid in store with the major surgery.  At last my battle for the moment has come to a truce and I have to admit through all the pain and worry I am pleased I have taken the course I did.  I doubt I would be here today if I hadn't jumped on the plane last August, let alone go through the procedure again in November and top it off with major surgery in January.

These last 8 days I have really started to feel like a new person, not only does my body feel it's been through and come out the other side but my mind feels the same.  All the worries in the world about mesothelioma seem to have taken a back seat and I am back to me. 

We go and visit our puppy for the first time this weekend, I am really looking forward to meeting the cheeky chappy and his little sister.  I am also going to get a few tips on the website so maybe revamping some of the pages will be easier than I think.

I want to thank the meso circle for all the support, the funny emails and the fact that you know someone else is suffering the same and can share, I believe this all helps to fight what will always remain an incurable cancer, would love to say a curable cancer but lets face facts unless loads of money is poured into research we will still be in the same position in 10 years from now.  But who's to say that with all the treatments that are coming to life we can't keep on buying time and still be here in 10 to 20 years.  I heard the other day that someone who had gone through an EPP lived for 15 years and only died recently.  Who's to say that under normal circumstances (ie you didn't have cancer) but you could drop dead within the next 15 years with heart failure, so in my mind things are looking extremely good.

'K' from the meso circle is now on chemo, I think he is extremely brave going through the surgery then before he has chance to recover has started what is a tough regime.  So on behalf of everyone to everyone taking the needle of poison we wish you luck and hope that the side effects are tolerable to you all.  Remember to count upwards and not downwards, ie 1 gone rather than 5 to go, it helps with the mental side of things.

Wishing you all a good fire cracking night

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Anonymous said...

glad to know you are feeling better jan. x - benet