Monday, 9 November 2009

Feeling Good

I can't believe it, these last 9 days have been fantastic, at last the corner has truly been taken and all I can say is wow!  You forget how good it is not to be tired, achy and waking up isn't that awful feeling which takes hours to go away.

I've been up, coffee, shower and work, even staying longer and longer.  Maybe I might get back into the habit of coming home for lunch then going back to work for the full afternoon.  At the moment I'm arriving between 9 and 9.30 then leaving about 2.30 to 3.00, by the time I get in I am starving.

We went up to see baby Bear and Belle on Saturday and it was great, they both nestled up and when I held them they would nestle under my chin and were quite contented to be cuddled.  Better make the most of these times as when they grow I doubt I will be able to cuddle them on my knee.  We also met rescue Sam, what a beautiful 11 month old he was.  Full of excitement, but so big .. he was bigger than Bear's Dad.  We met for the first time Bear's grandma and she was even bigger than Bear's Dad and I think Joe is really big.  Hopefully Bear will take after him rather than his mother's side! 

Of course we were with the rest of the family for most of the time, they are such wonderful dogs, especially for the size, they give you a warm welcome, your licked to death then they just settle down and are quite happy to lie by your feet or off on their own.  We brought back a towel with Bear and Belle's scent on, although we were covered in the scent of all the dogs, but the towel is hoped to start a bond with lexi where she starts to recognise Bears smell.  We were well and truly in the bad books when we got back and Lexi huffed us even more because we smelt of 7 different dogs!

On Sunday it was really cold and damp but off we went with Lexi.  Gary dropped me at the cross roads down the lanes so I could walk with Lexi for a bit before we met him over the fields.  I was quite tight chested and Lexi was pulling for England, I wish I had roller skates on as it would have been a lot easier.  When we met up with hubby my chest was finding it hard to breathe.  I think it was the severe cold and damp air that made the lung feel so bad.  Surfice to say that Lexi still had a good run in the field as well as her walk to the field but I was pleased when we jumped back in the Jeep to come home.  We still have some grovelling to do to make up though.

I need some sun .. but a holiday will be out of the question for quite a long time, once Bear arrives I still won't want to leave him for a good 6 months.  I would feel bad leaving him that young and also expecting the parents to dog sit if he wasn't fully trained would be so unfair. 

I didn't take any photo's of the puppies as the camera would have used it's flash and I didn't want to damage the puppies eyes, Ang has promised to send some down as her camera is a posh thing that can work in low light without a flash.  Hopefully we will be back up in about 10 days to see them again.

Next week i'm off on a 'trance healing' course at Stansted.  If nothing else comes from it I will have had a full week of relaxation, but will let you know what it is about when I get back.

Have nothing else to report, everyone in the meso circle seems to be doing well with the exception of 'K' who is currently on Chemo and I know you will all send your thoughts to him and his family. 

Wishing you all well

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