Thursday, 18 March 2010


Cryotherapy hit the front of the paper yesterday saying how it can kill Breast cancer and the cancer can't regrow - hey didn't I say that after my treatments in UCLA 2 years ago.  They are off to test it more but 35 women with breast cancer had 5 years clear and I must admit I didn't read the rest, but 5 years clear is much better odds than the 3 - 4 months they say Alimta gives.  But as you know cryo will only destroy the mass it is inserted into and not the entire lung cavity where the cancer can keep coming back, but what are the odds that where your meso starts is the only place you have the nasty cells, get them cryo'ed as soon as diagnosed and maybe just maybe you could see the end to meso.  I am sure it only spreads around after it has produced so many tumours and then they spill over sending out more.  Maybe something our researchers (okay we don't have that many) could look into.

We now have the okay to travel to Dubai and the outcome, I need to take my original letters with me and should I be stopped I produce them.  That to me doesn't sound like a travel permit but at least I can legally enter the country for a holiday.  Hubby spent most of yesterday tracking down a holiday but there are no rooms until end of April, all this time waiting and no rooms as Easter is here.  If only things had been done back in January when I first requested we would be away now, as I took my virgin flight back in February.  Oh well have waited this long guess another month won't be that hard to endure ... fraught may I be for sun and a total switch off to meso and surgery and pain. 

Why does the sun make the pain feel less, although to be fair since the operation I'm not sure whether the sun will improve the pain or not as we haven't had any.

Off to shower and into work .. hope you have a good day


Cathy Davis said...

I think Cryotherapy & Stem cell therapy have revolutionized the ways treatments are done. Though there is a lot still left to be invented, I hope scientists find out the correct methods to cure diseases like cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and ATS etc.

Jan said...


I believe you are right and with the right research and the right frame of mind it could go far, lets hope it happens sooner rather than much later.