Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Good News

It was great to receive an email the other day from B, his lovely wife has been battling meso for some 30 plus months, having had surgery at first but only getting 97% of the cancer removed, went off to Germany and is still stable.  It's always good to hear and lifts everyone's spirit's when we hear this type of news.

No one can say which way is the best to go with meso, it depends on so many factors - where the main tumours are, what spread and which area.  When I was diagnosed the meso obviously had a good hold for the spread was around my chest wall together with the set of curtains hanging from the lung but I was always more bottom left. 

Colin has recently been to see his specialist and for reasons unknown at the moment they are holding back any further chemo.  He's had 4 and is stable, although no shrinkage, When asked for my opinion I couldn't answer, maybe Stable means it hasn't grown and hopefully won't grow or no shrinkage means that chemo hasn't done anything.  This is the annoying thing about meso, it baffles us and, if most doc's are honest, it baffles them too.

I have beaten the odds so many times and hope that I continue to do so, is that because I look after myself .. no I am a terrible eater, my diet is beyond a joke, I don't rest enough and I expect my poor body to keep up with me - I know I am not doing myself any favours yet I am still here, I know that many people with meso take care to eat certain foods, take vits and drink healthy tea's etc and they do well too so is it our diet that predicts how well we do or is it something totally different.  After all I have lost meso friends who ate well and only took things easy.  Life is for living and even with a death sentence hanging over our heads we can't ultimately change the person we became before this disease.  Mind I use to love to have a few B & C's and the odd champagne but I find alcohol doesn't agree with me anymore, but have a love of sweets - not chocolate - pure sugar chewy sweets! - which I didn't have beforehand. 

Mainly I just wanted to say Well Done H you have wounded this killer and I sincerely hope this remission lasts a long long time, infact it lasts that long that the word meso becomes a far and distant memory.

For me I'm off to see the stomach man tonight, I doubt anything will change and I know I won't want to take tablets again, my kidney is back to normal pain rather than getting me down pain, so I guess I will just have to get on with it and deal with this funny tummy on a morning for a long long time.

Don't surrender and if you haven't heard from any of your meso circle recently drop them a line, I know we worry in case something bad has happened but then maybe your email might just make someone smile.


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