Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bob Tolley

I have been sitting on this website for a couple of weeks and apologise as I should have had this link up earlier.  I have also put it down the side and when the website is adjusted again I will add it.  It is another story of a fight and the family have carried on doing work to promote mesothelioma.

I think mesothelioma must be the only cancer out there where we all have to source the majority of our own information and thankfully quite a lot of people carry on the work even when their loved ones have succumbed to this terrible disease.

I know have I haven't written anything over the last week but thought it wise not to as I was in a off mood and to be honest I would not want to read about my thoughts let alone publish them, enough to say that after 10 days of been towards the depressing side of thoughts I have lifted myself out of them and the sun is once again shining.

Sometimes you get fed up with being the strong one, your family rely on you coping with this cancer so they can cope and any weakness on your part upsets them and they can't deal with it.... that's my prospective anyway, and last week I was sick of being strong and positive, I just wanted someone to take all my worries and cares away and be strong for me.  As I say I'm pleased I stayed away from the blog as this has become my personal journal through this battle but even some thoughts should never be written.

Anyway have a look at this site and enjoy the heatwave of this weekend, it could be the warmest weekend for another month.

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