Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Update on health

Thank God for GP's who you get on with.  I have managed to ascertain that I have pulmonary hypertension on the right side of my heart, brought about by lung problems .. at least I know I'm not going to drop dead from a heart attack in the near future.

I did complain about the lack of communication I had from the chest specialist so my Doc is going to speak to the top man and see if things can be sorted out more easily in future.  I did ask to see another specialist but have promised my GP I will hold off until after my next hospital appointment (August), some 4 weeks after my next scheduled CT Scan.  I haven't heard what will happen about my heart apart from an echo graph again in August, so presume nothing but watching and waiting is the call of the day or nothing can be done.  My temp is still floating around 35.5 but I must admit I am feeling 100% better than I did this time last week.

I have also started taking paracetamol morning and night along with my mst and have noticed a remarkable change in my rib pain, for the better I must add.  I am only taking one tablet so am thinking of taking it up to two morning and night.  Just getting up without that concrete\iron corset on makes such a difference.

I have heard that a friend who went to see Prof V with small cell lung cancer isn't doing too well at the moment.  Although his treatment prolonged her life she has suffered with some damage to her windpipe but I'm not sure how, hopefully I will have some further news after Meso day as her brother will be there.

I have been reflecting on the problems I have had since our holiday and I do think that I have caused the air leak by flying, probably pulling the lung from the chest wall a little.  It does make sense, the low temperature was always an indication that my pleurisy was starting, so maybe I have some fluid there too.  Hopefully my GP will clear this up with Dr Abbassi in his letter.  I left him Dr Abtin's email to digest about my condition and he along with myself, was pleased that the cancer hot spots are dormant at the moment and long may they stay that way.

Surgery might have been tough on my body but it was worth doing it, to still be here alive and able to walk the dogs out in the fields, go to work, visit friends etc I have again started to take these things for granted and plan on doing this for at least another 10 years.

I said to Lorraine the other day that my body had been through hell long before I had surgery, I had had endo for years which causes your body to fight against itself, then to have meso.  Anyone who has been healthy until this cancer comes to life probably flies through surgery and suffers much less on the other side.  I had had an awful lot of surgery, even when I had cancer, so I am sure this makes the body weaker.  So please if you are considering surgery don't be put off by my moans about pain, you could be one that flies through and is back to normal without pain in 3 months .. a walk in the park ...

On that note I am going to crash on the sofa and watch something other than football!

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