Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Big Favour from Face Book Users

You know we have some great friends in Dubai and Jeff is a great photographer friend of ours, I'm sure that's how Gary started into his hobby.  Anyway in Dubai Sony have released a competition and Jeff has been invited to participate. 

This is his request on his blog page:

"once more, please help me win by giving me a pixel. to vote, you need to have a facebook account and this can only be accessed through a desktop/laptop computers. next is just follow these few simple steps:

1. access the SONY DI CHALLENGE app on facebook
2. if you’re visiting the app for the first time, click “LIKE” to allow access.
3. next is click through “VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE”, then “CHALLENGE 2″ tab on the right
4. finally, under the “PROFFESIONALS” section, just “GIVE A PIXEL” in order for your vote to be counted
5. if you haven’t voted for the first challenge, now would be a great time to vote my other entry."

To see his work, if photography interests you then visit his own blog site  http://www.dubaichronicles.com/

As you all know I don't have a face book account, neither does my hubby so I am begging, neigh pleading with you all to have a look and if you like his work, as he asks, give him a pixel.

Thanking you all in advance of viewing these photo's.

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