Friday, 25 November 2011

No Hard Scan Copy

Today I am off to see the surgeon about my lump, but as usual have been let down my the system as my copy of the scan has not arrived.  Strange really as our local hospital does all the scans for James Cook yet they can't access the system to see them on screen.  How am I going to try and convince my doc, even though the odds are already against me from the oncologist, that removing this damn thing is better for me than leaving it!

After all this time my operation has settled, could you imagine the way I would be feeling right now if the meso hadn't come back, I would be normal, yeah better than normal, because I would be appreciating what feeling good was about.  Instead, I have new pain and twinges!

I am happy to report that Lexi flew through her operation yesterday and although tender when she walks, she is fine.  She did sleep most of yesterday on the sofa and didn't want to eat or drink but this morning she was up with the larks and wagging her tail.  Lorraine nearly lost her German shepherd on Monday evening due to a womb abscess, thankfully the vets did an emergency operation and saved her life.  This week has been spent worrying over both dogs.  I don't now how but pets always seem to bounce back that much better than we do.

When we dropped Lexi off at the Vets and came home without her Bear was utterly lost, he searched outside looking for her and then sniffed both hubby and I from top to bottom looking for clues of where she might be.  When Lexi returned home instead of Bear doing his bouncing and getting in her face he gently went up to her and gave her one of his sniff kisses, it was lovely to see.  I did take the opportunity of Lexi being knocked out to get her nails clipped right back and her teeth cleaned.  Terrible aren't I putting her through that as well! I had asked them to push her pile back in but when they checked her bum it was decided to leave it be as the furonculouces isn't doing that well.

I'm wishing myself good luck today, on the other hand it will be nice to catch up with Dr Owens for a chat as he has been a life line of advice over the last few years, and not forgetting he near enough carried out a pluerectomy decortication in 04.


Linda Wride said...

What news Jan?

Thinking of you

love Linda and Steve xx

amanda said...

Great news about Lexi, amazing isn"t it how much we worry about them.
Have a great weekend