Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Trick or Treat

Living out of a town in a small hamlet we miss out on the trick or treat which took over from "penny for Halloween" in my youth.  Every year we have always made our pumpkins and for once herewith is our effort to ward off the dark spirits that roam on the 31st of October.

After the hard work of carving out the features on the pumpkins some of us needed a little nap and how could I not go and be cuddled by such a wonderful Bear.  

I hope everyone had an enjoyable time and the families that went trick or treating collected plenty of sweets.

Just five more minutes
Back in the real world  today was my scan and seems its a week of appointments as tomorrow its the flu jab and the dentist.  I suppose its better getting them all over and done with at once.  I would like to get my teeth veneered, considering at times I think I don't have that much longer left it is a waste of money but then why shouldn't we look our best, if you look ok sometimes it makes you feel alot better.  Would be different to go through pain for vanity rather than for cancer.
Time to go and dig out my chores for this evening, I need to do some work on the new housing site at Howden.  When we went to site yesterday I think the ensuite in the spare bedroom is too big taking space from the bedroom so I need to see if I can adjust it somehow.  One thing for sure is that each of the houses at Howden will certainly be different inside. 

Looking on the bright side in 4 months we will be looking forward to the arrival of spring, I know I shouldn't wish time away because it is here before we know it, but already the dark nights are soul destroying.

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amanda said...

Funnily enough,today, I was looking out at some pots in my garden and thinking about when the daffodils would be showing. Roll on spring but also lets have a great winter.

ps Bear looks lovely