Friday, 13 January 2012

Heaviness in Chest

I know I should never hope this but I am hoping I have a chest infection, although I doubt it will be that.  Back in 07 I started to get this heavy feeling around my heart and as time went on headaches.  I was going to read back over my diaries but thought better of it as at the moment so I am hoping that the chest is an infection and the headaches the excess skin I have over my eyes.

Debbie did a great bit of explaining on her blog the other day of the different types of meso, the cells which construct the cancer type we have.  When first diagnosed I was mixed, its nice (in a way) to see they have a name Biophasic, I didn't know they were named until I read Debbies Blog, but now I am sure I only have the Epithelioid - not that they are good to have either!  Sometimes we all take that time out and reflect on how things are and Debbie did a great post on it.

I contacted my surgeon who suggested I go and see my GP, heaviness in the heart area is a common symptom with meso patients, it isn't the heart but the structures holding the heart in place that can be affected by the meso, I just hope it hasn't decided to grow on the false membrane around my heart.  I had the pericardium removed because the meso was on it, I can't see anyone going in and replacing this.  So I am hoping its a chest infection, although the only thing I have is a stuffy nose with a lot of aches and pains in my back.

Will keep you posted, if it is the meso you know all I will do is moan about pain again!  Just as life begins again something has to happen to knock us off our track.

I was also interested to hear from a friend in Poland who sent info on the NRGO trial, I didn't realise it was being carried out in the UK, so thank you.  I wonder if I can get some one up North to do it for us.

Oh well its shower time and then off to work.

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