Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Thoughts

For the first time since I can really remember I really do not want to go back to work.  Normally I would be chumping at the bit to get back to work after a week off, even when I was recovering from surgery I just wanted to be out of the house and back at work.  Yet the thought of returning to work is not on my Want To Do List. 

I have enjoyed been in the house, maybe because it hasn't been an enforced one I don't know, but I wonder whether it would last if I did pack in altogether. 

My stomach is still playing up and for the first time in a couple of weeks so is my 3rd Boob, its nipping but I am going to ignore it.  I am going to stick with what I have pledged myself, not living from scan to scan, but enjoying the time and try not to worry or jump the gun on any news about them.  Although for the past week I haven't had any discomfort to remind me I have meso until this morning.

Hubby and I spent hours yesterday trying to understand Lightroom 3, 2 manuals later and I think I am non the wiser, there again I have never been one that reads the manuals, I usually just load a program and play with it, that's probably why it takes me years to work out the easy routes on things!

Stay at home with us
The wind is blowing so bad outside, even the birds are struggling holding up, we had planned to go shopping today but I am bowing out, not only could I not walk in this but breathing would be difficult.  Just have to find something else to do.  Although the dogs are sick of photo lens's being in the faces every five minutes!

Today I think I will try out photoshop, I have never used it before so this should be fun, although I can't really take the fine lines out of Lexi's face! 

One last day of freedom so I plan on making the most of it. 

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