Saturday, 14 January 2012

I got in to see the GP and he had a quick listen, the pain doesn't seem so bad once I get moving around but I have a stuffy nose and a rotten headache.  He said it sounds flat, but to be honest I don't exactly have an easy chest area to listen to.  He prescribed Clarithromycin so I came out hoping it's an infection.  I took the tablets after dinner and then 3 hours later was ill, feeling sick, diarrhoea, stomach pains etc.  My mouth tasted terrible and I knew I was having a reaction to the tablets.

This morning my heart feels heavier and my head not so good, I text my doc who wants me to go to urgent care but its Saturday and I know I will end up spending at least 4 hours sitting there with lots of bugs floating around.  Having hunted through the medicine cupboard have found some flucloxacillin so text back and said will try these but will need more on Monday if they work as I don't have a full course.    I have had intermittent pain in this area for quite a while, which I know will be the meso, but to have it full on like this I really pray it is an infection.  The pain is terrible and as I am waking up my brain is trying to deal with it by trying to categorise it in my mind, I know I am strange.  I don't have shortness of breath it just hurts if I breath deeply, guess I will be spending the weekend bored rigid on the sofa.

Its 3 years tomorrow since I had surgery, 3 years, the time has flown by so fast, it took me forever to recover from the pain, but then again I did push myself too much by being back at work 3 months later.  I am the worst patient for being ill.  But as Lyn keeps saying I can't go back and change anything I did what I did and that's that.

Scan is booked for end of February, then I guess see what is out there, if this is meso then I need to shrink it or stop it so I don't have pain and that means taking action.  I know I do have growth and I have thickening around the heart area as well as those naughty nodules, but could they grow so fast to cause so much pain in such a short period?  And action - what action is left out there for me?

My sofa is calling, have a few Dvd's to watch so maybe today will fly as well.

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